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Boundary Surveying

Boundary surveying is one of the many specialties we have at Ford Landing Surveying, where surveys are more than our business—they are our pride and joy! The Ford family has successfully run their business for many years, developing a name with a highly regarded reputation to protect, as a result FLS fights hard to remain a leading name to call when seeking any sort of land survey service. We are qualified to conduct a number of different survey related projects at your home or business, we are prepared to take on a number of survey related projects, boundary survey being on our long list of specialties.

There are many different circumstances that provoke the need for a boundary survey; perhaps you need to know the exact dimensions of a piece of property in order to build something on it, or maybe your stubborn neighbor just needs to learn where the legal limits of her garden end! Boundary surveying will provide you with the exact dimensions legally assigned to a particular parcel of land. Regardless of the exact nature of your need, we have the tools to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and up to par with legal standards.

With over 14 years experience in the Washington area, we have perfected our skills, selecting only the best and brightest certified professionals to join our work force. Operating like a true team, we don’t switch players on you—from start to finish you will only see and deal directly with one team. This removes a great deal of confusion and has proven to dramatically speed up the entire process. Since we are able to save time, we are also able to save money—we gladly pass these savings onto our customers whom we strive to provide with the very lowest rates possible.

With thousands of jobs under our belt, we know how to handle anything—we understand exactly what each new project needs, as we have truly seen and handled it all before. For all Washington boundaries surveying projects, give us a call—we guarantee quick service and great rates, you won’t be disappointed!

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