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What Will A Land Surveyor Do For Me?

Question: Will the land surveyor show me what I own?
Answer: It is the responsibility of the surveyor to perform the survey based on the most current deed available, title report or policy associated with the property that you want surveyed. The surveyor will then locate the property on the ground, marking the corners with physical monuments and provide you with a record of survey map if needed, showing the results of the survey. The survey map will disclose all areas that are in conflict with the deeded lines.

Question: Will I be shown if there are any encroachments on the property?
Answer: Yes, Title 58.09 RCW, requires that encroachments found through the course of the survey must be revealed and shown on a record of survey drawing and recorded with the county auditor’s office.

Question: Will I be shown if there are any easements on my property?
Answer:Yes, if you instruct the Surveyor to do so, and provide a current title report or title policy to use for this purpose. The Surveyor will supply a map, plat, or exhibit showing this information.

Question: How will I be shown what has been surveyed?
Answer: The corners of the property will be marked on the ground with iron rods or other such permanent monuments with the land surveyors license number indicated thereon. A record of survey drawing, if needed will be filed with the county auditors office, indicating all information needed as set forth by current Washington State law.

Question: Does the survey need to be recorded?
Answer: In most cases surveys are required to be recorded by state law. Exceptions to the law are those properties that are within platted areas where measured data and physical evidence does not vary from the record, and where encroachments do not exist.

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